The hips don’t lie…

…and in my case, they’ve been saying get to the doctors…

Whilst I was pregnant with the Moo, one weekend I hurt my leg.  I thought that I must have strained a muscle or something, bearing in mind the strange positions you sometimes need to get in to when heavily pregnant just to put your socks on!  Anyway, it was a sharp, muscular pain down the inside of my right thigh.

Oh well, better take it easy for a while I thought.

Just two days later and I realise that pain down my thigh was getting worse.  In fact, by the time I got into work, I was shuffling along, baby step style, as I couldn’t put any pressure on my right leg.  And it was starting to ache all around my lower back and pelvis.  I rang the midwife and explained my symptom.  Oh, that’s just pelvic pain, she said.  Lots of pregnant women get it.  Here’s a website.  Live with it.  No, I don’t need to see you to check that’s the case.  See the doctor if you want.

Rang the doctor.  No, we don’t want to see you.  You should see your midwife for that kind of thing.

The girls at work wanted to send me home.  No, I said, apparently I just have to live with it.  And I’ve got months yet to go – can’t go home for this kind of thing.  Eventually one of them made me go to the NHS walk-in clinic.  And they didn’t want to see me either, as they don’t treat pregnant women.  But they did agree that I needed to be seen, and rang up my doctors, insisting on an appointment that afternoon.

Go to the doctors.  Ah yes, pelvic pain.  Plenty of pregnant women get it.  I’ve had people in here on crutches – count yourself lucky.  Anyway, live with it, nothing we can do.

So I did.  I lived with it for months.  Until at a pre-natal yoga class, the instructor recommended I visit an osteopath who specialised in PGP/SPD.  8 1/2 months pregnant, and by this time sleeping sitting up on the couch downstairs, I thought there was nothing to be done, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

If you’d only come to see me when this started, he said, we could have had this under control!  And you know, he made a difference.  With only a couple of sessions, he made it so that I could lie down for up to an hour at a time (OK, so not a nights’ sleep, but a start).  If only I hadn’t believed all this “live with it” rubbish.

Anyway, I continued seeing my osteopath for a couple of months post partum.  But it’s pretty expensive.  So I stopped.  And the SPD came back.

I went to the docs, who said that it would take up to 6 months to go back to normal. It got better.  It got worse again.

11 months post partum and here I am, sleeping with a pillow between my knees again and beginning to think that lying down is increasingly uncomfortable.  Went to the doctors this morning, and she pressed lightly on the front of my pelvis.  It was agony.  I guess that’s the SPD again then.

Physio beckons, after a 6 week waiting list.

After all this, I still feel (and look, thanks to lingering baby weight and, as I also found out today, irretrievably  torn abdominal muscles) pregnant, and whilst that’s one thing when you have a snuggly newborn in your arms, it’s another when your chirpy 11 month old is bum-shuffling around your feet.

13 responses to “The hips don’t lie…

  1. Bless you! I want to help – I hope I can… For starters, your abdominal muscles are not ‘irretrievably torn’ (it makes me so angry when doctors or midwives use terms like this – it scares the hell out of women & they think they have an incurable condition)… I promise you can do something about these! And the SPD too.
    Diastasis means the rectus muscles running down the front of your stomach have parted or split, they haven’t torn. They aren’t broken. They are divided anyway, connected by tissue which has stretched & left a gap. It’s a perfectly natural, painless process of your body making room for a growing baby. And they can go back together again, if you do the right exercses (do the wrong ones, like sit ups, & it’ll get worse).
    The SPD you can alleviate too, especially as the excess relaxin hormone in your body will be wearing off by now that your little one is 11 months. What you need is carefully prescribed strengthening exercises, to strengthen the muscles that connect these loose joints that are causing pain. If you strengthen your core, stabalise your pelvis & strengthen the big muscle groups – you’ll lose the pain.
    Please don’t lose hope – you don’t have to ‘just put up with ‘all this. Contact me through you’d like more help!
    Good luck, Wendy X

  2. oh no hope you feel better soon, really feel for you. I suffered when pregnant but it very rarely bothers me now.

    ps: there is an award waiting for you over at mine

  3. Thank you both!

    Wendy – your words of encouragement really do help and thanks for the tips – one day soon I’ll get more time and read them properly and put them in to action (heh – but, eh!)

    Snafflesmummy – thank you. It comes and goes, but I feel like an old lady now (I promise, I’m not that old!)

    And thank you for the tag – will have to get the Moo to show her artistic side (but bearing in mind the artwork she brings back from nursery, I’m not confident! She is only 1… (almost!))

  4. No prbolme – the link you out up is wrong though – the one you put up is called ‘fat mom talking’ – so kind of off the mark!!

    Thanks anyway & good luck


  5. D’oh! Very sorry and fixed now 😉

  6. Oh dear, hope you are better soon.

  7. Hello, Just came over to say thanks for your comments at mine. Haven’t read your blog before and it’s great! Thank you. Feeling for you very much – I only had a touch of SPD and that was bad enough. Will be crossing fingers the tips help.

  8. Thank you both. Suffering a bit more today having been to the osteopath and had some acupuncture, but hoping it’s short term pain for long term gain. Need to start writing more to take my mind off it 😉

  9. oooh you poor thing i had a bad hip with my 3rd and i went to see a private physio because my GPs or midwives weren’t interested. it hasn’t come back but i did yoga with my 4th and that helped i just need to start doing it again. hope you feel better soon xxxxx

  10. Thanks Amy. I’ve been the private osteopath who seems to help more than the physio (bit more hands on), and booked in for NHS physio, but no appointments until January. Did pre-natal yoga but didn’t help that much! But exercise will help, so need to get on to that.

  11. There’s more on SPD on my blog today ladies… hope it helps! I’m afraid midwives & doctors are a bit ‘just put up with it, it’s part of being pregnant’ about SPD. And back-ache, & diastasis… 😉
    Wendy X

  12. Will go have a look! Thanks Wendy.

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