Hogmanay and Resolutions

As a Scot, even though I have lived in England for the majority of my life, Hogmanay is almost as important a date as Christmas in the calendar.

This year we’re spending it simply, with my mum and dad (Moo’s Nanny and Papa), bringing in the New Year with those we love and having a delicious steak pie for dinner on New Year’s Day – oh, I love a tradition like that!

I’ve not been around on the blog or on Twitter much over the holidays.  It’s all been too much.  And whilst I’m really keen to join in the community, it has to be to add something to my family life, not to make me feel stressed about not posting enough.  So I’ll assume that those of you that are kind enough to read are happy to read as and when I manage to post, and am not going to put any pressure on myself.  Building my blog is really important to me, and it will form one of my new year resolutions, but I’ve decided to take it slow!

Resolutions often fail because we take too much on and want to achieve it all far too quickly.  Bad habits take a while to settle in, and good habits take even longer!  They say it takes at least 30 days for a habit to form, and that’s the only way you’ll keep a resolution.  So this year, despite the fact that I have lots I want to change and I want it to happen now now now – I want it to stick.  So I’m taking the advice of 6 Changes and am going to set 6 resolutions, but take them one at a time.  One of my changes will be to work on my blog, but that won’t be until later in the year, so it may be a little while before you see the changes on my blog, apart from my blogs about my other changes!

6 Changes recommends that you choose 6 changes you want to make over the next year, and introduce each one in a series of steps over 8 weeks.  There is all sorts of other advice over on their blog, but that’s the main one I’m taking.

My first change is to get more organised at home so that life is a little less stressful.  I’m going to start this resolution, as is traditional, tomorrow.

My first “mini step” towards organising my home is to “Shine my sink” every night, as FlyLady would recommend.  I’ve often tried Flylady’s techniques, and they do work, even if they are a bit cheesy!  I’ve just never quite been able to get the habit to stick.

So every night after dinner, I’m going to go into the kitchen, put the dishes away, and shine my sink, so that it’s clean and shiny for me in the morning.  Hopefully that will inspire me to keep it like that all day 😉

Please check in with me and keep me on track.  If I don’t post before, in a week’s time I’ll let you know how I’ve done and also what my second “mini step” is for my second week.  8 weeks in and hopefully running my house like clockwork will be second nature, leaving much more time for blogging and twittering!!

And Happy Hogmanay to you all!

8 responses to “Hogmanay and Resolutions

  1. The 6 steps sounds like a sensible way of making new resolutions/habits.

    Nice to hear from a fellow fly ladier. Heres to shiney sinks and tidy hotspots

  2. I’m hoping it might work this time! If the house is sorted, maybe I can concentrate properly on the other stuff…

  3. I love the idea of introducing things slowly – Flylady is great, I’ve fallen off the wagon but will be getting back into it this year

    re. the blogging – we love reading whatever you feel like posting – blogging has to be about being a positive outlet not something that adds even more pressure into our lives

  4. MAM – Re Blogging – Thank you! It is hard as I want to commit to making a go of the blog, but it is hard work too (although fun!)

    I’m really hoping 6changes will encourage me not to go gung-ho for a week and then give up because it’s all too hard. Shining my sink has lasted for a whole 3 days (just done it now…) and I’m hoping it will become a habit.

    Love flylady, but do get more than a little irritated by the emails… so try to filter them out! I fell off the wagon a long time ago – now Moo’s 1 I can’t really use the new baby excuse any more!!

  5. I don’t think I have ever ‘shined my sink’ – I’ll check out Fly lady though, sounds interesting!

  6. I will not lie – if you are a died-in-the-wool Brit like me you may find it hard to get over the tearful testimonials and the cheerleading – but the principles seem to work!

    Well, 4 days and counting 😉

  7. Small changes today bring large rewards tomorrow. Good luck!
    I’ve tagged you over at mine:

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