My Favourite Photo

Ok, so it might not always be my favourite photo, but sitting here tonight, scanning through iPhoto, this was the one I was suddenly inspired to search for…

I’m highjacking the meme set by Tara over at Sticky Fingers.  Nobody tagged me, and I’m trying hard to not think that that means nobody loves me 😉

So anyway, let’s go straight to the photo:

Sleeping in Las Vegas

It’s not the most attractive photo of me that’s ever been taken, but it was an important time.

Hubbie and I had had a pretty tough year the year before, and we decided that we’d take a break in March to make the most of things looking up.  We went to California to visit my sister and family, but took a few days off in the middle just to ourselves, and went to Las Vegas.

We’re not big travellers, we don’t go on holiday often (our honeymoon was our first holiday together!), so this seemed like a big adventure.  A delay on our internal flight to Las Vegas (several hours, mainly on the tarmac!) started us out on the wrong foot.

But we settled in to the gorgeous hotel, eventually found somewhere to eat that didn’t have a massive queue, and had a wander round the hotel.  Our wander took us to the gift shop where, as usual, I was smitten by the cuddly toys.  Hubbie snuck out of my eyeline and bought me a gorgeous teddy – the one in the picture.  To make me feel better.  It meant a lot.

Anyway, despite all the excitement available in Vegas, all I wanted to do was sleep.  So back to the room it was, and I cuddled up with the Bellagio Bear and fell asleep whilst Hubbie watched the fountains and the telly.

The tiredness and the constant obsession with where we were going to eat that day should have given me a clue.  At the time this photo was taken, and unbeknownst to me, I was pregnant.  Only a couple of weeks, but enough to have made that massive difference to my appetite and need for sleep!

So this photo is a little insight in to that in-between time.  What was to come, but which wasn’t yet.  Our last trip abroad as a couple, not a family, an our last opportunity to sleep whenever we felt like it!

And Bill, the name we gave the bear, has been very close to my heart ever since.  He doesn’t look as pretty now, much more careworn, but he was there at the start of my pregnancy, and he supported me all the way through – quite literally as I used him to prop my bump up whilst I slept!

As no-one tagged me, I’m not going to tag anyone else specifically, but seems that this is a meme that anyone is welcome to pick and run with if the mood suits!

2 responses to “My Favourite Photo

  1. hehe cute photo, but as you say, who goes to Las Vegas to sleep :P?

  2. That’s a great picture and a great story ! Thanks for sharing

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