6Changes update!

So, a week ago, I resolved to take things slowly this year and not try to commit to too much all at once.

Well it worked – kinda!

I missed one night shining my sink.  I don’t think that’s too bad?  Unfortunately it was the one night when it would have been really useful – the night before my return to work after 3 weeks off for Christmas.  But I was feeling a little “Sunday night sad” (anyone else get that?) despite being a Tuesday.  And then the dishwasher broke…

So I’m going to chalk that one up as a success.

But it’s week 2 of Change 1.

So in a bid to get organised, I’ll keep shining my sink, but I’ll also start menu planning.  We spend too much money on our food shopping, and too much time debating what to eat.  I also end up “picking” and not really eating properly on my days at home, so I need to think about lunches too, for both Moo and I.  Over the weekend, I’m going to work out a meal plan for the next week, as well as trying to make a list of the kinds of things we like to eat, to make meal planning in future weeks earlier.

Then on Monday I’ll do the weekly shop as useful, but hopefully it will cost us a little bit less.  And to make it a little more exciting, I have also bought myself a trolley dolly to save me having to lug around all those big hessian bags to do the shopping – very much looking forward to trying it out for the big shop on Monday!

Let’s see how it goes!  I’ll check in again next week.

5 responses to “6Changes update!

  1. Menu planning has been so great for us – we have a white chart on the fridge which has everything on it that we’ll eat for the next week (from the fab Organised Mum) and its saved us heaps of money (and made my life lots easier knowing what we’re going to eat) – good luck with it

  2. Oooh – hadn’t heard of Organised Mum – until now!

    The plan has taken a bit of a swerve as Hubbie decided to do the supermarket shop yesterday because of the snow, but without taking a shopping list – so I might need to get a little creative!

  3. Good luck with the meal planing, hope you can make do with hubby’s shopping! I also have the Organised Mum chart on my fridge. It has a space for planning the weekly meals and a tear off shopping list. Well worth a look 🙂

  4. I think I might do the same thing (menu planning) good idea. Dinners are always more stressful then they need to be with me, due to lack of planning. And the fact that we have a lot of persian cooking in our house means I MUST be more prepared as the dishes are far from easy.

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