Here comes my frock meme

The lovely Claire Lancaster over at Dandelion Lounge has tagged me in her “Here Comes My Frock” meme, and I was pleased to oblige!

I’ve been a bit absent from the blog, and twitter, recently, and I owe on a couple more memes, which I will get to eventually, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a flick through my wedding photos.

Hubbie and I got married 7 years ago, and it seems like a lifetime, in a good way! My wedding day was fabulous. Despite the threat, and actual, rain, we had glorious sunshine for the parts of the day that mattered. All my friends and family were there, and despite being a remarkably shy person at heart, I loved being the centre of attention.

The dress had a story of its own. I fell in love with a beautiful dress with a ruffled skirt on one of those long, drawn out fittings at a fancy department store. But it was strapless. And there was no way I was going strapless – I was never the smallest busted woman 😉

Eventually I found a little shop which would make me the dress that I wanted, with that beautiful, ruffled, apron-fronted skirt, all to measure – and in budget!  I loved the design, the fittings were perfect.  But on the last fitting before the wedding, just one week in hand, I tried on the final dress.  It fitted perfectly. There was only one problem…

The skirt was made of raw silk, an imperfect fabric, and so I expected flecks etc.  I didn’t expect the skirt to look as if someone had dropped a biro down its front!

One week to go, and the skirt had to be remade. We had all of the fabric available out on the floor, searching for one area of silk perfect enough for the front of my dress.  The dressmakers promised it would be done in time, and they would deliver the dress the day before the wedding – eek!

That day before the wedding started with a power cut, which meant that my endeavours to buy a bridesmaid teddy for my 2.5 year old niece were somewhat delayed, but I managed to get to my nail and eyebrow wax appointment, and my bridesmaid and I sat and glued seating plans. The dress was to be delivered to my parents house, and there it was when I arrived there primped and preened.

What I didn’t realise was the panic that had gone on there.  4 O’Clock, the specified delivery time, had been and gone.  And worse, my mum had rung the dressmakers only to receive an answerphone message stating they were closed for 2 weeks! Cool as a cucumber, mum had had to sit it out, not wanting to worry me, until the dress finally arrived at 6pm! Luckily it was perfect:

Apologies for the quality of the photo – our professional photos are hardcopy only, and I don’t have a scanner, so this is a snap taken by a friend (back in the days when digital cameras were less common), cropped to protect the innocent!

The drama didn’t finish there though – my sister-in-law to be and her boyfriend were staying at our house that night, whilst I was staying with my parents and Hubbie at the hotel.  Except we received a phone call at 11pm to say they had just arrived, and how could they switch the alarm off?!? Either the power cut that morning, or their incompetence (!) had lead to the alarm going off and annoying all of our neighbours.  Luckily, father-in-law was teetotal, so he had to drive us back home (30 minutes away), and we had to call the alarm technician out!  Not an auspicious start – as Hubbie said in his speech “even just last night, alarm bells were ringing…”.

As with all good memes, we’re supposed to tag people.  But I’m afraid I’m not sure who has a wedding dress they’d like to show off!  So if you’d like to play, please do join in, but in the meantime, I tag:

The lovely @Pippad from a Mother’s Ramblings

8 responses to “Here comes my frock meme

  1. marcy@mumumumumum

    beautiful truly beautiful

  2. That’s a lovely dress

    And a very eventful wedding !

  3. Beautiful dress, you look lovely. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my writing, means a lot .

  4. aaaw beautiful! I have my wedding this September and not at all organised!! You looked lovely x

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