Young at Heart Photo Album

Did you guess? Did you realise it was me?  No, of course you didn’t, how could you? You don’t know me well enough yet!

But thank you to the gorgeous Susan for adding me as her “tagee” in the Young at Heart Photo Album meme, started over at Sticky Fingers.  Susan and Honey made a lovely homely photo – mine was a little stranger…

Susan mentioned that I was a fellow Scot.  Well, I am.  If you heard me, you’d probably guess that, although people have thought Irish, Australian and a whole range of other nationalities.  My accent is somewhat interesting.  Because despite being a Scot through and through, I’ve actually lived in the depths of the West Midlands since the tender age of 8.  We moved down south for my dad’s job.  But with passionate Scots as parents (and mum’s a Glaswegian to boot!) and two older sisters, my accent was never going to disappear.

But that doesn’t explain the photo.

When we moved south, we had to find new activities to fill our childish lives. After assessing the activities carried out by my new classmates, I joined Girls’ Brigade. Why, I’m not entirely sure… Anyway, that didn’t last long – there was no way I could keep my white gloves white and stay quiet enough in the Baptist Church when I was also expected to do the same again on Sundays at the Catholic Church!

My oldest sister, F, however, found that her classmates were all in a military band, run by one of their father’s. F joined, and loved it.  I’d always loved music, and pestered to be allowed to go along too. F played, of all things, the E♭bass, one of the huge tuba things. I made the sensible decision to learn the piccolo, which you can see in the photo.

Why was this sensible? We travelled – a lot!  And with limited adults around, you were expected to carry your own kit – instrument, music and uniform (including helmet and boots!).  We went on European tours and played all over the place.  Summer weekends were filled with trips to military tattoos all over the UK, but this photo wasn’t from so far afield – we also played in local parades for occasions such as Remembrance Sunday (the Last Post has always brought me to tears) and Shakespeare’s birthday and I think that this was perhaps one of them.

Whilst I loved the music and performing, it was the chance to be in a big group of kids, all having a giggle, and trusted by the adults to behave ourselves that was the best thing.  The tattoos were like big country fairs, lots of stalls and games and the like.  We’d spend all day wandering around, eating our packed lunches and generally having fun until it was time to perform.  Then it was time to get polished up and stay in line!

Oh – and did I mention I have performed at the Royal Albert Hall on too many occasions for me to count?  Again, the memories from that are not of the performance itself, but running around with my friends in the Gods and in the bowels of the Hall where the dressing rooms for the bands were – and the fact that because we would get home very late that night, the bus would stop at McDonalds on the way home to get us all some grub and to celebrate/commiserate our placing in the competition!

Young at Heart - who is it?

Anyway, enough about me.  I need to hand you on to my tagee.

You will all know this person’s blog well, but will you recognise her?

She’s making cake in this photo, and although her blog title name-drops another foodstuff, I have it on good authority that her blog mentions cake around 94 times (thank you google!).

Please have a guess as to her identity, and leave your thoughts in the comments.  Then go ahead and click on the photo to find out who the next tagee in the Young at Heart Photo Album meme is!

16 responses to “Young at Heart Photo Album

  1. The photo of you in your band outfit is just gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous and a fab story to it too.
    Mystery blogger? I am so rubbish at this . . . so as I do every week I’m going to cheat . . .Shhh, I won’t tell a soul

    • Thank you! I was going to mention that it must sound like a pretty geeky hobby – but when I explain it I don’t understand why more kids wouldn’t want to join! I hope moo has something like that to take her through her tweens/teens!

  2. What an exciting thing for you to do as a child! The opportunity to visit so many interesting places and be part of such a vibrant community sounds like a great gift. I LOVE that photo of you in your uniform!!

    Dunno who the mystery bloggy but she looks gorgeous and very talented and probably in need of some chocolate to me 😉

  3. Fabulous photo and great memories! No idea who the photo is of – is Nigella Lawson a closet mummy blogger???

  4. I was in a band too, but a marching one – nerd alert and Josie, you still look the same now!!

  5. what a great story, and i love that band outfit picture.

  6. I didn’t know you were a Scot! Where from? I’m Edinburgh but like you travelled about a lot when I was younger so my accent is a bit of English, Spanish, American, Scottish…It’s a bit crazy!

    • I’m Glaswegian I’m afraid… Mum is glaswegian born and bred, dad is from Ayrshire. I love Edinburgh – took hubbie there when I was about 7 months pregnant for our last trip as a couple!

      If I’m honest, I wish my accent was still stronger – I have all sorts of weird pronunciations, and I’m never entirely sure where they come from!

  7. Have tagged you over at mine. Enjoy!

  8. Lovely photos. You are obviously very musical. I always wanted to play in a band and played the violin in an orchestra for a short while but I never had the confidence to go any further.

    CJ xx

    • I was made to play the violin as my sister had wanted to and my parents bought one… when she gave up, it was me that had to suffer!

      I’ve always been a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none. I can play clarinet, flute, piccolo and piano, but I have no creativity for it – can only play if I’m provided with the music! But it is a lovely hobby to have.

      Bumbling x

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