Guest post day – The Things Kids Say

BumblingAlong is taking part in Little Mummy’s Guest Post day.  I would like to link back to her, but I fear she’d tell me off…  But if you wanted to know what Guest Post Day is all about, you could do worse than taking a look here.
My lovely swapee (is that a word? I’m going to say it’s a word. If we can have tagee, I’m sure we can have swapee…) is Carol at New Mummy, where my words of wisdom (!) on baby signing will be featuring today.
But New Mummy will be talking about the things kids say… over to her!
In the last two weeks Baby Girls vocabulary has really been coming along nicely. After an initial rush of learning new words she seemed to have slowed, but can say a quite a bit for a 15 month old.
BG can now say:-
  • Daddy, dada, da – You get the point! She says its constantly when he is at work, and points to picture, obviously I’m not good enough
  • Mama – Or so I’m told as I haven’t heard he call me it for a long, long time
  • What’s That?/Who’s That? – This started out as s’that? But is really clear now, can become quite tedious after you have heard it 50 times in a minute
  • Bless You – Yes that’s really cute, she knows to say it after someone sneezes
  • Din Dins – This is said for all food, so breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Shoes – Don’t *where* she gets her obsession with shoes from!
  • No – What fun that word is!
  • Drink – Well she actually says ‘Dink’ but we get the message
  • Chicken – All meat is chicken, but as long as she’s eating it I don’t care. My little sister used to call all meat ‘ham’
BG can also tell you the sounds for a cow, sheep and horse and she can do the best fake laugh I have ever heard.
But my favourite word she has learnt and not because it’s funny but because she knows how to put it in to context, is “Stinky”
We were sat last week having a snuggle on the sofa when she passed wind, she looked up at me and said “stinky”, I can’t tell you how proud I am.
Am I a bad mum? Probably
For more from New Mummy, please do visit her blog. And she’s running the Race for Life in June, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you wanted to sponsor her – pretty please?

11 responses to “Guest post day – The Things Kids Say

  1. My boys said stinky very early on too!!

  2. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    Not a bad mum! One with a sense of humour, maybe…

  3. Ha ha, my girls also learnt What’s that? A while back only it came out more like ‘Wasssssaaaattt? Reminded me for ages of the Wassupp? ad. Remember that one?
    Love them learning to speak it’s so cute 🙂

  4. @Themadhouse – Good to hear!

    @itsasmallworldafterallfamily – I hope I’ve got a sense of homour

    @Marisworld – I do remember that, how funny. Bless them

    @Heather – I’m sure it could be worse 😉

  5. Not a bad mum at all – if we didn’t have a sense of fun, where would we (and our kids) be?!

  6. That’s really good! I have a friend with a 15 month old and she calls everything and everyone Dada!

  7. @bubbleboo I’d probably go mad

    @Luschka Bless her

  8. Charlie’s fave word at the moment is the big N – ‘no daddy, no need a poopie…. No daddy, no want to go bed, I playing… No daddy, don’t want to go bath, I keen…’

    You get the idea!

  9. OK, those are very important milestones. Soon, she will be saying all sorts of unintentionally funny things. Here is a list I made of actual quotes from kids in my classrooms:

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