The Gallery: Colour at the Bellagio

This is my first post for The Gallery, and I’m joining in Week 3, where the theme is “colour”.

I couldn’t resist but to enter this photo from a trip to Las Vegas back in 2008 (just before I found out I was pregnant with Moo):

I just love the colour of this photo.  All done with no camera trickery.  We stayed at the Bellagio hotel, which has a beautiful conservatory with ever changing displays.  When we went it was filled with poppies, ladybirds and frogs made of flowers, and a lovely little garden shed! The flowers were lit from below which gave this beautiful effect.

The Bellagio could have given me so many photos for this Gallery, so here’s a little gallery of my own…

17 responses to “The Gallery: Colour at the Bellagio

  1. Wow those are some amazing colours. Great post. xx

  2. OMG Amazing photos!!! I shall sit here and just look at them for a while.

  3. That is gorgeous… and red is my favourite colour!

    I think if I’d taken that I’d have had to have had it framed and put up somewhere =)

  4. Oh my that blew me away. What fantastic displays

  5. WOW.

    Just that.

  6. wow stunning photos, cant believe thats all from a bit of lighting. Bet the room looks beautiful.

    • It was spectacular, but all together it was a little overpowering (and some bits were just a bit twee!). The photos of the glass flowers are from the reception at the Bellagio – amazing too. But all so over the top!

  7. Wow, these are stunning! x

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