The Gallery: Me in the fluff

I was going to post me in the flesh, but that’s a sight no-one wants to see.

So who am I?

I’ve always been pooh bear.  This was my Winnie-the-Pooh when I was a teenager (yes, I know), and now he lives in Moo’s cot, and she cuddles him at night.

I’m a little bit round in the middle.  I like to sit and think. I’m kind. I want people to be happy. I want them to be my friend…

I like to think of life simply. If you can’t work it back to first principles, there’s no point. I have a sign above my desk at work declaring:

“I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words bother me.”

in a hope to inspire the young lawyers I support to use plain English and make sure they are understood, rather than look clever. It doesn’t always work.

He also said:

“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?”,

and the answer to that is very definitely yes.

And had the conversation I often feel like I’m having:

“I don’t see much sense in that,” said Rabbit. “No,” said Pooh humbly, “there isn’t. But there was going to be when I began it. It’s just that something happened to it along the way.”

Pooh teaches us that friendship is important. That being kind is important. That love is important. That the journey we take is important, and we should always look for the good in each other, in life, and in our situations.

And just in case this post comes across in a way other than that intended, I will seek solace in the following:

“When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.”

This is my second post for The Gallery, and this is Week 4, where the theme is “Me”.

12 responses to “The Gallery: Me in the fluff

  1. Aww that is such a cute bear and such a great post. You are a lovely, kind person. xx

  2. Hmm, I think of myself as more of a Tigger.

    • Everyone has their Winnie-the-Pooh character. I certainly have some bounce, but definitely more like an over-excited Pooh than a tigger!

      And my husband is definitely Eeyore 😉

  3. The winnie the pooh books are so worth another read as an adult. They have a completely different meaning…
    Great post.

    • Too true! I have a beautiful compendium which I will let Moo have as soon as there is a chance she won’t wreck it rather than read it!

      Until then it’s mine, all mine!

  4. Well just remember “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

  5. I think Pooh is a wonderful bear and a lot of his maxims work – especially when he talks about friendship

  6. I love this post so much and I love the way Pooh looks at the world. I have the book in the attic at Mum’s house, I must dig it out for reading to Piran. I just want to hug Pooh!

    • Thank you Kelly. I regularly hug him 😉

      The books are much wordier (is that a word!) than I remember, so Moo isn’t quite up to having them read to her yet – but when the time comes I’ll be there, book in hand!

  7. Okay, so I was enthralled and went and did a poo-sanality test and turns out I’m a pooh bear too! 🙂

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