The Gallery: Creatures under the sea

I don’t have time to write a lot tonight, but I just wanted to add some of my favourite photos to this week’s gallery theme.

These photos were taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, over a few years. Yes, I am posting yet another photo from my trips to California. I guess this is showing me how much I enjoyed my time over there. And the Aquarium is a standing appointment any time we visit. The sea otters are as cute as anything, the giant tuna are awe inspiring (I never knew they were that big!), but it’s the smaller creatures that fascinate me.

And in particular the jellies. Not the jelly fish I feared in the sea when I was young, but beautiful and intriguing creatures. The natural world is an amazing place.

This was a post in response to Tara’s brilliant Gallery, with this week’s prompt of “creatures”.  Please click over here to see the other entries from around the Internets.

5 responses to “The Gallery: Creatures under the sea

  1. Oooh they are very cool pictures and very cool pictures. xx

  2. Wow. I love these pictures of creatures under the sea! So beautiful!

  3. I have seen 4 or 5 jelly fish posts and each of them has made me shiver. I was stung when I was younger and they really scare me now

    • I’m sorry… You know, it never occurred to me that people might be scared, and you’re not the first to mention it! I just don’t associate these jellies with the ones we see in our seas – which I am also very scared of…

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