The Gallery: (First) Holidays

OK, so technically it’s not her first holiday. She came with us to California last year. And when she was tiny we went for a long weekend to the Cotswold Water Park…

But it was her first holiday holiday. On the beach. In the sea. Eating ice cream on the boardwalk. On the beach again – whenever she could (boy, she loved that sand and that sea – I think we have a beach babe in the making!).

I think she enjoyed herself. What do you think?

This was a post in response to Tara’s brilliant Gallery, with this week’s prompt of “Holidays”.  Please visit all the other brilliant photos from around the Internets.

41 responses to “The Gallery: (First) Holidays

  1. I think their ‘first time in the sand’ picture is always always a major milestone for children.
    Clearly she thinks so too!

  2. Awww, she looks like she absolutely loves it. Lovely smiley, happy photo. Made me smile. 🙂

  3. That smile says it all!! The first time I took my little girl to the beach she was 18 months old, took 2 steps off the picnic blanket, screamed and ran back to me. She wouldn’t step off the blanket again until I put her in the buggy. That was the most relaxing afternoon I’d had with her since she began walking. Now she’s a proper beach babe and can’t get enough sand!!!!

    • Moo is about that age too! She wasn’t so sure of the sea when there were waves, but the beach we spent most time at was on an estuary, so no waves, and she loved it!

      But the sand was a hit from the start. And she pretty much learnt to walk on that sand…

  4. umm, I’d say she enjoyed it 🙂
    great photo.

  5. What a great photo – so rare to capture a moment of pure joy like that!

  6. Yes, that did certainly make me smile! You are so lucky, my daughter hates the sand and sea, she says it’s yucky – I will keep trying though…

  7. christinemosler

    Gorgeous smile! If they love the beach, holidays are easy!

  8. Smiles like that are priceless!! 🙂

  9. What a great pic. The smile says it all. Might I ask where this was taken…?

    • Why thank you!

      Of course you can. It was in a lovely French resort called Benodet (Brittany), and that beach was reached through a gate at the bottom of the garden of the house we rented. Heaven.

  10. I love that photo. Obviously Moo looks adorable but the view is amazing to. That is definitely one for the wall. Gorgeous.

    • I confess I did also take some of the view. Without Moo. It was beautiful. Idyllic. And just outside our back door.

      And of course lots of Moo with less pretty views too! Phew, got that in…

  11. Hey I live just by the cotswold water park. Fab place! And what’s even weirder is I have been to Benodet as well. Spooky..Great photo too. There are so adorable at this stage and love everything. My kids just moan about the sand now.

  12. look at that smile!

    gorgeous =)

  13. Oh that’s gorgeous. She looks so happy! Perfect.

  14. She looks like she is having a great time 🙂 So cute!

  15. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    What a gorgeous photo. It reminds me of my eldest’s first beach holiday. She loved it too.

  16. whatdidyoudotodaymama

    Ooh such a lovely photo, so happy. She looks like she can’t contain the excitement!

  17. Awww! She looks over the moon! 😀 how fab!

  18. Not only is she gorgeous and clearly have the best time ever but she’s clean and not eating sand, how do you do that?

  19. Beginner’s luck? I’m afraid I don’t know…

    Thank you though!

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