A Christening, a teddy and a snail (oh, and a panic attack in a church)

I recently had the honour of becoming a godmother to the little girl of one of my close friends – a friend I made through work, a friendship which has lasted well, despite many not understanding what we could have in common!

Anyway, this honour left me with two dilemmas.

Firstly, what do you buy for the baby who has everything? My friend has exquisite taste, is always perfectly turned out, and generally is in a league above my own! How could I do her beautiful daughter justice.

Simple. I put out a call to twitter.

I got loads of really useful suggestions, but none which seemed to quite hit the mark.  Then I realised that one of my twitter buddies who had the perfect answer up her sleeve was being remarkably quiet.

The lovely Charis, of Name Art, produces beautiful, personalised, art work, for children and adults alike. My god daughter has a common name, spelt in an unusual way. I thought that a personalised print, in wood and acrylic frame, was the perfect solution. And Charis came through with sugar on top!

The second dilemma was how to entertain a 1.5 year old in a church for an hour whilst the service took place. Luckily, the church my friend had chosen was a child-friendly church. Children were welcomed, toys provided, and no-one batted an eyelid to them running up and down the aisles. Moo, however, seemed particularly keen on making an assault on the altar. Not a great move.

However, in came the snail. The snail in question belonged to the big brother of the star of the show, who is about 4 months older than Moo. It was a really cute, wooden, pull along snail which held the attention of a good handful of the toddlers in attendance. Moo was really quite taken with it, much to the chagrin of big brother!

So when Hello Baby asked me if I would like to review any of their toys, and I noticed this particular wooden snail was available on their website, I jumped at the chance! A snail of Moo’s own ;-)*

I have to say I’m really impressed. I love the cute movement of the snail as his body undulates (love that word!) as he is pulled along. I also love that he “self-rights”, as Moo rarely has him sitting properly upright when she starts to pull him.

Finally, I love that he is well made, with a great deal of thought given to the environment in his manufacture.

(And I am assuming he is a he…)

Hello Baby certainly seem responsive – our snail was with us in double quick time, despite using snail mail, and the website suggests that this is the case in standard service, with most orders being dispatched same day. And the website covers a whole range of needs, with an eye to the eco-friendly. I’ll certainly be taking a gander – and in particular checking out the rest of the Plan Toys – a brand I wasn’t aware of, but which has really caught my eye.

Oh, and that panic attack? The Teddy print also came complete with a personalised message at the bottom, with little Lucie’s full name. Imagine my horror when I looked at the order of service in the church to find that Lucie had an additional middle name I hadn’t included.

I sweated it out through the whole service, and on the way to having photos taken cornered my friend. “I have a confession to make”, I said. “The christening present, well, it gets Lucie’s name wrong…”

Luckily I was reassured. The additional middle name was just a formal name, to honour my friend’s maiden name. It wasn’t going to be used. It didn’t matter.

Thank the Lord!

Disclosure: I purchased the name art at full price as I just loved it, and I chose to blog about it because Charis’ customer service is second to none. We were give the Plan Toy Pull along Snail by Hello Baby to keep.

* photos to follow, when my camera decides to work!

6 responses to “A Christening, a teddy and a snail (oh, and a panic attack in a church)

  1. Lovely print. Very unusual! Glad the day went well!

  2. What a fab print, I think a lot of churches are more child friendly these days, when we had Mini Christened, Maxi and his cousin sat in the aisle playing

    • The church was marvellous – our local churches are welcoming, but usher the children into a separate room. In this case, they were welcome in the body of the church, and no one cared that the toddlers were chasing the snail up and down the aisle. Gave a really lovely atmosphere. What church should be about.

      But I did think the altar was a step too far…

  3. I love that print! What a brilliant idea for a gift – I’ll deffo be bookmarking that one. Sounds like you had a lovely time, bar the sweating… xx

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