…and who are we?

Introductions are required.

Bumbling, that’s me, pretty much sums up where I am at the moment with life. Living in the moment, not quite gotten around to thinking about what’s on next Tuesday yet, never mind a life plan.

I’m mum to the beautiful Moo, 11 months old, and the sweetest little girl you could ever wish tomert

I’m wife to the lovely Hubbie, considerably older than the Moo (but not than me!), and considerably grumpier too!

I’m a lawyer (yes, one of them), and a geek, and I’ve started this blog as a bit of a creative outlet for me – I’m a consumate blog reader and advocate in both my professional life and so I thought it was about time I entered the fray on a personal level.

But I’m still a little embarrassed about it in RL hence the anonimity :-) . We’ll see how that goes!

2 responses to “About

  1. marcy@mumumumumum

    you have a lovely blog and clearly a super family xx

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