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Blognonymous: This is not you

Today we have a post from someone who has asked to use one of the blognonymous blogs to write anonymously about something that’s just too personal to put on her own blog, at least just now.
Please give her all the support you can. Her writing is beautiful, as is the sentiment. This isn’t the first post that blognonymous has hosted about living with a partner with depression, and I feel certain it won’t be the last!

Baby Baby

No, I’m not bigging up one of the lovely MADs blogger finalists, although Sandy is a treasure! It’s more of a reflection of the evening I’ve just had.

My sister-in-law and her husband have come to stay. She’s 17 weeks pregnant, and all I can think about or talk about is babies! All she is hearing is my snippets of advice about what I would have done differently, what she should or shouldn’t buy, and what we can provide by the way of hand-me-downs.

But there is a part of me that is conscious that at 17 weeks, I was still pretty nervous, still superstitious about making too many plans. I really need to remember that she is likely to feel that way too, although the excitement with which she was listening to my ramblings was tangible…

Anyway, they are here for a reason. Those very kind folks at the Baby Show, taking place this weekend at the NEC, have given us some tickets to attend. My SIL and her very enthusiastic husband can’t wait – wish Hubbie had been quite so keen to do these kinds of things when we were expecting Moo! I’ve never been to a Baby Show before, so I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but there are plenty of exhibitors there we’re already making a beeline for.

The first is Bras4Mums – who come hightly recommended by my twitter friend @Cheshire_Claire, amongst others! Both SIL and I will hopefully be able to squeeze in a fitting – they have 3 fitting rooms open all weekend, and I hear that their bras can make every day a Good Boob Day!

Next, she wants to check out travel systems, and I think that the Baby Show will be a good opportunity to get hands on experience of them. Personally I’m a Bugaboo Bee girl, but maybe she’ll go for an Explory, or a Maclaren, or decide that she doesn’t need a fancy pram as she’s going to be babywearing.

She definitely wants to look at nappies too – what’s the current word on the environmental impact of reusables, or eco-friendly disposables? Hopefully tomorrow will help us find out.

And I’m wondering if any of the exhibitors will have baby shoes in a size 2.5 which aren’t pink…

Although the box office for the show is now closed, you can still get tickets on the door from £18, with children under 10 going free. It looks like a really good show, and I’m really looking forward to my first visit, even though my baby is rapidly turning into a toddler. If you can’t make it this weekend, the Baby Show will be back in October at Earls Court.

(Oh, and if any of you are planning on being around the Baby Show on Sunday, there are a whole bunch of twitterers meeting up – tweet me or Emma who has been rounding us all up, and one of us will let you know the details when we do!)

The Gallery: Joy – yes really, bear with me here…

My photo for this week’s Gallery entry – Joy – may not seem obvious to all, but, as I say, please bear with me.

I could very happily post a gorgeous photo of Moo, with her daddy throwing her through the air, and the biggest grin on her face.

Or of me staring into her newborn face, struck with the joy of it all.

Or of my gorgeous nieces and nephew who just fill me with joy every time I see them.

But I’m sure there was a suggestion, at least on twitter, that smiling children were a no go. And anyway, that all goes without saying.

But other things fill me with joy too…

This is the first Google Production Server, from back in the old days of 1999. I photographed it at the Computer History Museum in California, just down the road from the Googleplex itself.

So, why oh why does it represent joy, I hear you asking? So many reasons…

1. The simple one. I’m a geek. We went to the Computer History Museum not expecting to spend long there – fill an hour before lunch perhaps. 4 hours later they were kicking us out because they were closing. It was fascinating! Everything from Charles Babbage to the first Apple, Zx81s and Air Defence Systems from the Cold War. There was so much to see, and the staff were so knowledgeable. If you are a geek, and visiting California, take a look – but allow more time than you might otherwise think…

2. It’s a Google production server! Google makes me joyous. It makes the whole world simpler. And OK, so I’m a little scared they are getting too big to really “do no evil” but I have a very soft spot for them. And the googleplex is amazing…

3. It reminds me of my time in California. I LOVE California. In particular, I love the fact that it’s OK out there to be enthusiastic. To love things. To be interested, to want to know more. There is no need to by cynical, or fashionably detached. They are optimistic. The American Dream really is available for all to strive towards. I’m not suggesting it’s utopia. I know it has the same problems every where else does. But I just felt that when I was there, it was ok to be me. It was ok to be whoever you wanted to be. It’s ok to feel joy, and to express it. Even if the thing you are joyous about is a production server…

But that might all be because:

4. It reminds me of my sister. The reason I spend any time in California is because my big sister lives there. She left to go to the US when I was 18, and it’s a good job my other sister and I keep doing things like getting married and having babies, as those are really the only reasons she’s been back since!

We didn’t know each other well when she left. But as I grew up, went to University, got a job, discovered the Internet, we got to know each other better. And whilst she’s on the other side of the world, she’s also just there in the top right hand corner of my computer screen, hovering in the Instant Messaging box. We share some similar traits – a love of writing, technical rather than creative, a love of learning, a love of strange and interesting facts. We’re interested. And I don’t have many people here that I can share that side of me with. Big sis surrounds herself with similar people over in the US, and every time the Hubbie and I visit, we feel right at home. Ourselves. And that certainly makes me feel joy.

This was a post in response to Tara’s brilliant Gallery, with this week’s prompt of “Joy”.  Please click over here to see the other entries from around the Internets.


*ahem* this big sis is the only real life person I’ve mentioned the blog to. So, big sis, I promise I’ve not just said nice things because you might read them. I would have written them anyway. And I mean them!