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BumblingAlong has moved house!

There’s still some unpacking and decorating to do, but we’re all settled in at our new home:

and we’d love it if you’d join us there!

In particular, if you subscribe to bumblingalong’s RSS feed, I think you’ll have to sign up again. I’m just not clever enough to work that out.

Thank you very much – we’d love to have you over for some tea and cake. Virtual, of course.


I wish…

I wish that blog posts and emails that you carefully draft in your head in the hours that you *should* be asleep but can’t would miraculously be waiting in your drafts folder when you awoke…

Oh well.

The Gallery: (First) Holidays

OK, so technically it’s not her first holiday. She came with us to California last year. And when she was tiny we went for a long weekend to the Cotswold Water Park…

But it was her first holiday holiday. On the beach. In the sea. Eating ice cream on the boardwalk. On the beach again – whenever she could (boy, she loved that sand and that sea – I think we have a beach babe in the making!).

I think she enjoyed herself. What do you think?

This was a post in response to Tara’s brilliant Gallery, with this week’s prompt of “Holidays”.  Please visit all the other brilliant photos from around the Internets.

Guest Post Day – Respect each other – online and ‘real life’

BumblingAlong is taking part in @Erica‘s guest post day! Last time we were matched up with the lovely New Mummy. This time we have the equally lovely T-J Hughes, owner of bras4mums, Maternity & Nursing specialist bra fitters, and writer of blog Support4Women. As you’ll read below, we met recently – only she didn’t know 😉

So over to T-J:

I’m delighted to be writing for @BumblingTweets on this #guestpostday, because we ALMOST met last Saturday in the flesh.  So, I thought it was a good topic to explore. Why do some people remain anonymous online? Does it really matter?

Some people won’t connect online if you don’t have photo of yourself, or your profile isn’t complete. Is it so important that we see what someone else looks like before we commit to ‘liking’ or ‘following’ them? I quite like the fact that you don’t really know who people are, yet you can still exchange views and have conversations through comments on blogs and twitter.

I was amazed how many comments I got when I finally uploaded a recent, decent photo in early May, instead of a random ‘avatar’. People commented that it was ‘nice to see me’, and, ‘good to see who I’m talking to’. I felt quite chuffed that I was valued enough for people that I follow to comment on the change. People seemed to connect more with me as a person, and someone who runs a business and a family. But why? My tweets and blogs hadn’t changed in content?

So when I had a twitter conversation last Saturday morning with @BumblingTweets, before the NEC Baby Show to book an appointment for her Sister-in-law to get a bra fitting on my stand (bras4mums), I got all excited. I’m not a full-time tweeter, so when I have conversations with people I really enjoy the connection.

I wrote on the appointment sheet across a few spaces, “@BumblingTweets”, and expected that when they arrived they would introduce themselves. They didn’t. I was disappointed at the time, but why?

Hubby is quite happy not to remain anonymous. I on the other hand have times where I want to remain anonymous, but it’s impossible. Online I guess I want to become known so that people will know who I am, and what I do. In ‘real life’ I sometimes like to hide and pretend I haven’t seen someone so I can keep in my little world of make believe, or maintain my chill time. Is that wrong?

So why is it wrong for people to remain anonymous in other parts of their life? It’s not. We all have our reasons for doing what we do, and as long as we’re not hurting anyone else, physically or emotionally, then surely it’s up to us how we conduct ourselves? Do I give different bra advice to those women I haven’t met? No. All are treated the same.

Just like ‘terms of engagement’ in a business meeting, or personal relationships, there is also ‘blog etiquette’ and ‘what not to do on twitter’. There are certain things that are OK, and other things that are frowned upon. And if you don’t want to publish a photo, or engage in real life with someone you’ve met online then surely that’s fine. Who makes up the rules anyway? If you want to engage with someone who has a silly photo, or none at all, surely that’s up to you?

We all have our own expectations, our reasons, so I want to encourage everyone on this #guestpostday to show a little respect of each other. Acknowledge our similarities and value our differences – it’s what makes the world a better place us all working together.

I respect @BumblingTweets her for her anonymity and have this week learnt that everyone is not like me online. Just like ‘real life’!

Written by T-J Hughes, owner of bras4mums, Maternity & Nursing specialist bra fitters, and writer of blog Support4Women.

Thanks T-J for such a thought provoking post. It’s an issue I struggle with. If I’m absolutely honest, the reason I didn’t introduce myself to T-J as “bumblingtweets” is because it was a bit embarrassing! In real life, I’m a little embarrassed about my online life, even though it is probably a better reflection of the real me than the persona I project in real life.

And generally, the reason why I stay semi-anonymous on the blog and on twitter is because I’m a little nervous of people I know in real life finding me there, moaning about Moo’s lack of sleep, or asking what to do about her nasty cough. Because, as you will see over on T-J’s blog today, in real life I am a professional person, someone who needs to be seen as capable, competent, a safe pair of hands. My blog and twitter give me a chance to be the person behind the job, to wallow in my mummy-ness, and to express my non-work, non-mum self too – I’m learning to be more creative, and more opinionated!

But it’s certainly not that I don’t want to engage in real life with the people I engage with online. There are now a number of readers of this blog who know me in real life. There are a number of twitter friends I know in real life. And I’ll be speaking at Cybermummy, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out which speaker I am (although I’m not specifically linking the two up – you’ll have to come to find out for sure 😉

So, anonymous or open, or somewhere in between – which are you?

Baby Baby

No, I’m not bigging up one of the lovely MADs blogger finalists, although Sandy is a treasure! It’s more of a reflection of the evening I’ve just had.

My sister-in-law and her husband have come to stay. She’s 17 weeks pregnant, and all I can think about or talk about is babies! All she is hearing is my snippets of advice about what I would have done differently, what she should or shouldn’t buy, and what we can provide by the way of hand-me-downs.

But there is a part of me that is conscious that at 17 weeks, I was still pretty nervous, still superstitious about making too many plans. I really need to remember that she is likely to feel that way too, although the excitement with which she was listening to my ramblings was tangible…

Anyway, they are here for a reason. Those very kind folks at the Baby Show, taking place this weekend at the NEC, have given us some tickets to attend. My SIL and her very enthusiastic husband can’t wait – wish Hubbie had been quite so keen to do these kinds of things when we were expecting Moo! I’ve never been to a Baby Show before, so I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but there are plenty of exhibitors there we’re already making a beeline for.

The first is Bras4Mums – who come hightly recommended by my twitter friend @Cheshire_Claire, amongst others! Both SIL and I will hopefully be able to squeeze in a fitting – they have 3 fitting rooms open all weekend, and I hear that their bras can make every day a Good Boob Day!

Next, she wants to check out travel systems, and I think that the Baby Show will be a good opportunity to get hands on experience of them. Personally I’m a Bugaboo Bee girl, but maybe she’ll go for an Explory, or a Maclaren, or decide that she doesn’t need a fancy pram as she’s going to be babywearing.

She definitely wants to look at nappies too – what’s the current word on the environmental impact of reusables, or eco-friendly disposables? Hopefully tomorrow will help us find out.

And I’m wondering if any of the exhibitors will have baby shoes in a size 2.5 which aren’t pink…

Although the box office for the show is now closed, you can still get tickets on the door from £18, with children under 10 going free. It looks like a really good show, and I’m really looking forward to my first visit, even though my baby is rapidly turning into a toddler. If you can’t make it this weekend, the Baby Show will be back in October at Earls Court.

(Oh, and if any of you are planning on being around the Baby Show on Sunday, there are a whole bunch of twitterers meeting up – tweet me or Emma who has been rounding us all up, and one of us will let you know the details when we do!)

Nothing to see here…

Just a boring old Technorati claim:


Let’s see if it works.

Guest post day – The Things Kids Say

BumblingAlong is taking part in Little Mummy’s Guest Post day.  I would like to link back to her, but I fear she’d tell me off…  But if you wanted to know what Guest Post Day is all about, you could do worse than taking a look here.
My lovely swapee (is that a word? I’m going to say it’s a word. If we can have tagee, I’m sure we can have swapee…) is Carol at New Mummy, where my words of wisdom (!) on baby signing will be featuring today.
But New Mummy will be talking about the things kids say… over to her!
In the last two weeks Baby Girls vocabulary has really been coming along nicely. After an initial rush of learning new words she seemed to have slowed, but can say a quite a bit for a 15 month old.
BG can now say:-
  • Daddy, dada, da – You get the point! She says its constantly when he is at work, and points to picture, obviously I’m not good enough
  • Mama – Or so I’m told as I haven’t heard he call me it for a long, long time
  • What’s That?/Who’s That? – This started out as s’that? But is really clear now, can become quite tedious after you have heard it 50 times in a minute
  • Bless You – Yes that’s really cute, she knows to say it after someone sneezes
  • Din Dins – This is said for all food, so breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Shoes – Don’t *where* she gets her obsession with shoes from!
  • No – What fun that word is!
  • Drink – Well she actually says ‘Dink’ but we get the message
  • Chicken – All meat is chicken, but as long as she’s eating it I don’t care. My little sister used to call all meat ‘ham’
BG can also tell you the sounds for a cow, sheep and horse and she can do the best fake laugh I have ever heard.
But my favourite word she has learnt and not because it’s funny but because she knows how to put it in to context, is “Stinky”
We were sat last week having a snuggle on the sofa when she passed wind, she looked up at me and said “stinky”, I can’t tell you how proud I am.
Am I a bad mum? Probably
For more from New Mummy, please do visit her blog. And she’s running the Race for Life in June, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you wanted to sponsor her – pretty please?